Book Review- The Kiev Conspiracy

Leah Courtney
This was a new author that I stumbled on upon finding a free Kindle book.

Noel Hynd wrote The Kiev Conspiracy, a Christian fiction, mystery novel. The book started off interesting. Alex LaDuca, an FBI agent who is the story's main character, is a good heroine. When she is chosen for a special trip to Kiev in preparation for a presidential visit, she finds herself acquainted with a high up member of the Ukrainian mafia. Tragedy strikes in the Ukraine, and Alex finds herself back in the United States depressed and confused about what happened.

The middle of the book gets kind of muddy and almost lost me. I wasn't really sure where the story was going. It comes clear in the end; however, and the ending, which was only somewhat unexpected by this time, was good.

I enjoyed the story. It was not particularly "Christian." It did mention Alex's relationship, such as it was, with God. The fact that it was not overtly Christian did not bother me because I read most any genre, but it may bother someone who is looking for a "Christian" mystery.

I'd give this one a halfway thumbs up, and I'll probably look for more books by the author.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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