What I've been reading lately...

Leah Courtney
I have been reading. I just haven't been inspired to review anything lately.

I've read As Time Goes By by Lori Wick. This was a light, easy reading, Christian romance. I enjoy Lori Wick for a light, easy read.

I read Sail by James Patterson. I must admit I am quickly becoming a James Patterson fan. This was my first Patterson thriller. The others I've read were romance. It was suspenseful, entertaining, and had some interesting characters. The Dunne family, who are quite the dysfunctional bunch, are headed on a family vacation to bond with each other. Their family vacation goes tragically awry, and we soon find out that it is not an accident! Although the trip was not quite what was planned, it does indeed bring the family closer together. And the ending for all the different characters was very fitting. [Disclaimer: I often review Christian fiction. James Patterson is not a Christian fiction author. There is some bad language used and some of the situations are not "Christian" in nature. Although I enjoy a variety of genres, reader beware.]

I also read Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble. I've enjoyed Colleen Coble's books in the past- especially the Rock Harbor Series. Lightkeeper's Daughter was the first in a new series she is writing. It was a light read: a Christian mystery/suspense/romance. It read very much like a Victoria Holt novel in my opinion.

I started reading The Last Guardian by Shane Johnson. I must admit that I gave up. I rarely quit reading a book midway through, but I just couldn't make it through this one. The Last Guardian is a science fiction/fantasy/Christian allegory. I was excited about the book from the cover. I enjoy science fiction, and this one was billed as an allegory of the epic battle of good and evil and the end times. So, I began reading with great anticipation. The book was hard for me to get into. The characters seemed flat, and the action was too far-fetched- even for sci fi. I skimmed through to find out what happened and gave up on the book.

Currently, I am reading The Kiev Conspiracy by Noel Hynds, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (for the great books of the twentieth century challenge), Desiring God by John Piper, and The Orthodox Church (a bit of church history to go along with some things a friend and I have been discussing). I also have quite a few books on my kindle that I downloaded for free.

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