Two guest reviews of Little Britches by Ralph Moody

Leah Courtney
On Friday, we finished reading Little Britches, a memoir by Ralph Moody.  This was one of my favorite read alouds when I was in school, so I was happy to share it with my children.  Warning:  the book is quite sad, and my children enjoyed making fun of me as I cried through the last chapter!

Kathryne and Charles have each written their review of Little Britches.

I read Little Britches. This book tracks the life of an eight year old boy in Colorado. Ralph Moody, his big sister Grace, his little sister Muriel, and little brothers Philip and Hal, along with his mother and father are the family in the book. Along the course of the book, Ralph gets into fights at school, rides in a rodeo and gets several jobs. At the end of the book his father gets very sick and dies.

I liked this book because it's very interesting. My favorite part was when he rides in the rodeo with Hi.  The characters were very well-designed.  I disliked the part where his father died.  My Mom cried too much! 

The book is about a little boy named Ralph who lived in Colorado. He had two sisters, one named Grace the other named Muriel.He had two brothers, one named Philip the other named Hal.Ralph also had mom and a dad.Ralph also had three kinds of work,herding cows, haying and carrying water.At one point he broke nine toes.At another point his favorite horse[Fanny]died.
My favorite part was when he got into fights at school.My least favor
ite part was when his father died.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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