Book Review- Bad Girls of the Bible

Leah Courtney
This was one of those books I've heard much about but never read.  And then a Facebook Bible study group started going through it, so I bought it for Kindle and read it.   Unfortunately, I didn't keep up with the Bible study group, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Liz Curtis Higgs writes about several memorable "bad girls" from the Bible- some who were hopelessly bad and some who just bad for a moment.  And two who were bad but were changed by God into something good.  She begins each account with a fictional story of a modern day bad girl who can remind us of the Bible bad girl.  She then leads into the Bible story using Scripture and commentaries to study the lives of these bad girls.

I love "conversational" writers, and Liz Curtis Higgs definitely is conversational!  This book was easy to read.  I appreciated that she used so much Scripture and so many different commentaries to validate the things she said about each of these Bible bad girls.  I thought the book was a wonderful tool to help me think through my life and see areas that I might have in common with these bad girls in both bad and good ways.  I also was very encouraged by the point that Liz constantly made:  no bad girl is beyond redemption.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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