Animal Farm by George Orwell- Books of the Century Challenge

Leah Courtney
George Orwell's Animal Farm is another one of those "classics I can't believed I missed."  This classic, political satire was actually an interesting read.

The animals of Manor Farm are in rebellion.  They believe animals would be so much better at running things than humans.  This rebellion, started by a pig named Major, leads to the animals running the humans out of the farm.  They establish Animalism, a new order ruled by the animals with equality for all animals and a hatred of all humans.  Animalism has it's own commandments, it's own rules, and it's own structure.  For a while, all seems to be perfect for the animals who now rule themselves.  Eventually the peace of the farm is disrupted when the pigs of the farm begin to become superior to all the other animals.  All the commandments are change to suit the pigs, and in the end, the pigs even befriend the humans.

This is a political satire obviously about Russia.  While not so relevant in today's world, the message can still be heard.  It is an interesting read in light of the historical events of the time.  It was also an easy read.  It is one I think I would like to read to the kids.

I have now read five books in the Books of the Century Challenge.  I have achieved the first level of the challenge Popular Literary Culture 101.  I'm really enjoying reading some of these classics I never read before.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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