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Leah Courtney
Reading multiple books by the same author can be a mixed bag.  On the one hand, once I find a writer whose style I enjoy, I like to read and read and read anything by that author.  On the other hand, after very many books, the books tend to become formulaic and predictable.

Over the years since high school, I have found several authors whose works I have read prolifically.  Grace Livingston Hill is one of the first I remember from my high school years.  These were sweet Christian romances where the girl was usually a poor but spiritual soul who fell in love with a rich but unsaved man.  The girl always ended up getting the man- who always became a Christian.  I grew out of those pretty quickly because they were extremely predictable and rather sappy.

Victoria Holt is another author I picked up early on.  She writes historical suspense.  There is always a love story involved as well as mystery.  The settings are all 1800s in huge European castle/houses.  I liked these because of the historical fiction as well as the romance.  They also started becoming very predictable after many reads, but after some time away, I can still read a Victoria Holt and enjoy it.

More recently, I have enjoyed Kristen Heitzmann, Karen Kingsbury, Lisa Samson, and Dee Henderson- all Christian fiction writers.

Just recently I have found two series writers whose style doesn't fit my typical reading profile but whose works I am enjoying.  James Patterson's combination of mystery, suspense, page-turning action, and sweet love stories are quickly becoming a favorite.  I have read several James Patterson books this year and am always on the lookout for them from used book stores and BookMooch.

Deborah Smith is my other current favorite.  Her stories are romances centered around small, Southern towns, strong Southern women, and complex family and friend relationships.  I've read quite of few of her books lately and have a few more on the way from BookMooch.

Of course even these new favorites hold the potential to become predictable and formulaic, but for now, I am enjoying my new found favorite writers and as always enjoying losing myself in a good read.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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