The Way Home

Leah Courtney
Way Home (Widescreen)

I reviewed this Christian film for BookSneeze.

The Way Home is a Christian produced film about a family's crises when their two year old son goes missing.  As they join with their family and community to search for their son, they learn valuable lessons about priorities, and they experience God's presence in their lives.  As they face the potential tragedy of losing their son forever, Randy and Crystal, the parents of missing two-year old Joe, are comforted by the love of the faith community surrounding them.  Randy, a somewhat absent father , commits to making God and family come first.  I couldn't tell for sure, but because of several references at the end of the film, I believe this was based on a true story.

Unfortunately, most independent, Christian-produced films I have seen are not very well-done.  This was no exception.  I appreciate the story.  But, I thought the acting was poorly done and the spiritual scenes seemed forced.  This seems to be a common theme in Christian films that I have seen.  The acting seems stuttering, not flowing, and any scenes that involve a spiritual awakening in the life of a character seem forced.

Perhaps, I am just too critical.  Perhaps I've seen the results of too many Hollywood films with a huge budget and unlimited acting talent.  But, I just wish for some better quality in Christian-produced films.  I greatly appreciate what the producers are trying to do.  I am thankful for a movie that is good and clean and not afraid to talk openly about the work of God in the personal lives of people.  I just wish the quality was good enough to appeal to a larger audience.

I received a  free copy of this film for review purposes.  My review was not required to be positive.

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