Broken Down House- Paul Tripp

Leah Courtney
Broken-Down House
Jason and I were able to hear Paul Tripp speak in person about parenting at the homeschool convention this summer.  He was a great speaker with lots of convicting things to say.  I picked up Broken Down House while we were there and added it to my To Be Read List.

In the book, Tripp reminds us that, as Christians, we live in a fallen world, a broken down house.  He encourages us to know and appreciate that we are fallen, that God is sovereign, that things in our world are not right and will not be right until Christ returns.  He then encourages us in how to live while we are waiting.  Embracing God's grace and celebrating it, loving those around us, and pursuing community with other believers can help us make progress in fixing up our broken down house until God makes it all right.

Many things I read stood out to me and made me think, but two things in particular convicted my heart to think about.  The first was the instruction to live in community.  Tripp explains in that chapter how Scripture exhorts us to do much more than meet together on Sundays for an hour of "worship."  Scripture exhorts us to live in community, to know each other, to see and meet each other's needs, to hold each other accountable for our actions.  I don't think I am very good at this, and I hope to become better at being a part of a community of believers.

The other things Tripp pointed out that really made me think was that we are always in ministry.  As a Christian, everything I do should be "ministry."  Ministry is not just teaching Sunday school once a month or serving in the nursery every other week.  Ministry should be our lifestyle.  So, when I am in a frustrating situation in my marriage, I need to remember that my marriage is my ministry.   When my kids are driving me batty, I need to remember that they are my ministry.  With a viewpoint of lifestyle ministry, my reactions to the people and situations around me would be very different.

This book was a good read.  I like the style of Paul Tripp's writing, just as I enjoyed hearing him speak in person.  His themes resound with me and speak to my heart.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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