Even Now- Karen Kingsbury

Leah Courtney
Even Now (Lost Love Series #1)

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite Christian authors.  I sometimes think her characters are too "good" and not believable, but I always enjoy her books and feel like they help me grow as a Christian because they always give me something to think about.

Even Now is the story of Lauren and Shane- two teenagers who become pregnant right before their senior year of high school.  When Lauren refuses to give the baby up for adoption and her parents support her, Shane's family moves him far away and breaks contact.  Shane and Lauren's baby daughter, Emily, is born while they are apart.  Lauren is determined to find Shane and make him a part of her and Emily's life, but when Emily becomes terribly ill, a misunderstanding leads Lauren to leave her baby girl and look for Shane alone.

Emily ends up growing up with her grandparents always looking for the people who are her real parents.  When she finally gets information about them, she is overjoyed at the possibility of a reunion.  But, can everyone come to terms with what has happened and find peace and forgiveness?  Or will the reunion happen too late for some of them?

This was one of my favorite Karen Kingsbury novels.  I particularly liked the characters of Shane and Lauren.  Emily's story was very compelling, and the lessons that Lauren learn about peace and forgiveness resonated with me.  I also really liked that this book didn't necessarily leave the reader with everything fully resolved.  It had a good ending (which is very important to me as a reader!) but it left some things unresolved, some things that made me think.  It made for a very good ending for me.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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