From Dust and Ashes- Tricia Goyer

Leah Courtney
From Dust and Ashes: A Story of Liberation (The Liberator Series, Book 4)

I've always been very interested in World War 2 and the Holocaust.  It is such a compelling time period to read about.  Human suffering and man's inhumanity to man saddens me.  But, the grace of God through those who cared and reached out, and helped always shines like a light through the dark times.

From Dust and Ashes is the story of Helene, and SS officer's wife who lives in the shadow of a concentration camp.  When the war is over and the camps are being liberated, her husband flees.  She begins to reach out and minister to the liberated prisoners, especially befriending two young girls.  She also is befriended by an American soldier, Peter, who is questioning his life and his faith.

As the friends grow closer to each other, Helene struggles to come to terms with her former life as an SS officer's wife and the atrocities she has witnessed.  She comes to a faith in Christ which helps her to make meaning from the sorrows of the war.  Meanwhile her life is in danger because of secrets she may or may not be aware of.  When she finds out her husband is still alive after she thought him dead, her new faith is challenged and she has to learn the meaning of faith and forgiveness.

I thought this was a great read!  The historical facts were interesting and seemed very accurate.  Their were statements at the beginning of the book from actual American soldiers who were in the first groups to liberate the concentration camps, and their statements bear witness to the accurate information in this book.  The characters were believable and interesting.  The romances that evolved were a little corny and seemed a little forced, but this didn't detract from the story.  I really enjoyed this read!

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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