How to Get More Books for That Ever Growing To Be Read List

Leah Courtney
I am constantly getting books for free or cheap. To support my ever-growing reading habit, I have to find a way to get books at reasonable prices or we would never make it.

Here are some ways I get books free or cheap:
1. Library book sales- Our library holds one every quarter. Books are priced at $2 an inch. I try to stock up on good kid's read there as well as some for myself,
2. Used book store- Our local store offers credit for books you bring in to exchange. I have about $50 credit at our store right now.
3. Thrift stores- You never know what kind of goodies you might find in the book section of your local thrift store. I've found some classics rummaging through the thrift store shelves.
4. BookMooch- You list your used books and choose other people's used books. The only cost is shipping when you send a requested book.
6. Paperback swap- I have not personally used this, but from what I've read, it is very similar to BookMooch.
7. BookSneeze- This is a book review site where you can sign up to receive one book at a time in exchange for reviewing the book on your blog. I've gotten several good books through this site that I might not have picked up on my own but that I really enjoyed.
8. Tyndale Media Center- This is another review site where you can pick books to review and to keep for free. I've gotten good books through this site also- including Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson when it was new!
9. Daily Cheap Reads- This site lists free and cheap Kindle books currently available. I have Kindle for ipod right now but am hoping for a regular Kindle for my birthday. I love my Kindle, and I have many great books read to read that I have gotten from this site.

Thanks to all these frugal ways of collecting more books, I have so many good books to be read right now. If you know of more ways to get free or cheap books, please share in the comments. One can never have too many books.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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