Take Four- Karen Kingsbury

Leah Courtney
One of the exciting things about having children who are readers also has been watching them grow up and enjoy reading the same books I do. Charles and I shared the joy of the Percy Jackson series and we're both fantasy fans. Kathryne and I have recently shared Karen Kingsbury's Above the Line series.

I had read the previous three books as they were released, but Kathryne checked them out of the library and caught up, and then she and I both read Take Four, the last in the series. The Above the Line series is about two men who are serious about making Christian movies that are top quality. Karen Kingsbury brings in characters from several of her previous series- primarily the Baxter and Flannigan families. She also introduces us to Keith Ellison and his partner Chase who are working to make the films. Throughout the series, Keith's college-aged daughter Andi grows away from her faith in Christ and makes some bad decisions with some tough consequences. Her character is contrasted with that of Bailey Flannigan who is also a new college student struggling to grow in her faith in a new environment.

In Take Four, Andi Ellison is pregnant and is struggling with the decision to give up her baby for adoption. Bailey Flannigan is auditioning for her first ever role in a major movie. Cody (Bailey's long-time friend/boyfriend) is dealing with his mother's slide back into a hopeless lifestyle. And, Jeremiah Productions (the Christian film group) faces the opening of its first movie.

I always enjoy the variety of characters and situations in Karen Kingsbury's books. I enjoyed sharing them with Kathryne because so many of the characters are facing their own struggle with life and faith, and there are lots of good lessons to be learned. I am a little frustrated with the relationship between Bailey and Cody. Having kept up with the Flannigan family throughout all the series, I have followed their story for a long time now, and I am thinking we just need to wrap it up! Grrr.

Aside from my frustration over the relationship, I really enjoyed this book as I do all of Karen Kingsbury's books, and I especially like that Kathryne and I can enjoy them together now.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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