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Leah Courtney
Home Another Way

This was the first novel by author Christa Parrish that I have read, and I was very pleased.  I think I've found another favorite.

Sarah, young, professional businesswoman, who has made a mess of her life finds herself in the small town of Jonah eager to claim the inheritance her father has left her.  Sarah has no love for her dead father and blames him for the death of her mother and her rough life growing up with her grandmother.  Sarah is eager to take the money and run back to her failing life.  But, in the provisions of her father's will, she has to stay six months in Jonah where she learns some important truths, faces her demons, and most importantly, begins to learn about her heavenly Father's love.

Parrish's characters were real people- people with flaws, people who had made mistakes and had hard times, people who were learning about God and about themselves.  I deeply enjoy books with those kind of "real" characters that can draw me in and make me think.  I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's story.  I must confess that I didn't particularly like the ending of the book.  I felt like some things were left very unresolved.  But, on the other hand, I think Parrish intended this to signify, not the end of Sarah's story, but the beginning of a new start for her.  So, I was okay with it.

I'll be looking for other books by Christa Parrish I'm sure!

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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