2010 Reading Year In Review

Leah Courtney
This year has been a very good one on the reading front.  I bought an ipod and had Kindle for the ipod, and then in November I received a real Kindle for my birthday!  Even though I will never stop enjoying the feel and smell of a real book, I love the accessibility of the Kindle and all of the free reads available.

My reading list for 2010 is here.  Some stats:

*I read 121 books this year (give or take a few I didn't record).
*23 of those books were nonfiction.
*5 books were memoirs- a genre I had not read often before this year.
*5 books were classics that I read as part of the Books of the Century Challenge.
*As well as reading those books, I read through the Bible two complete times using the Bible in 90 Days.

Two authors I "discovered" this year: James Patterson and Deborah Smith.  I have read quite a few of Patterson's suspense/thrillers and all that I can find of Smith's sweet, Southern romances.

Some of this year's favorite reads:
*Sundays at Tiffany's- This was my first James Patterson read, and even though this was a romance and very unlike his suspense series, it paved the way for me to look for more of his books.
*The Jungle- This classic by Upton Sinclair was one of the books I chose for the Books of the Century Challenge.  Even though I had heard of the book, I had no idea what it was really about.  I really enjoyed it!
*The Water is Wide - This memoir from Pat Conroy about his teaching experience on a small Southern island was a very interesting read and made me want to read Conroy's novels.  (I've now read Prince of Tides and have Beach Music on my TBR stack.)
*Mao's Last Dancer- This was another of the memoirs I read this year.  I found Li Cunxin's story of becoming a famous ballet dancer and defecting to the US very interesting and inspiring.
*A Gentle Rain- This Deborah Smith romance was one of my favorite of her's.  Smith writes beautiful romances with strong, Southern heroines and dashing, protective heroes.
*Radical- This was a life-changing read I was able to review and keep last month.  This was definitely one I will revisit and consider throughout the new year.

I am starting the New Year with plenty of physical books on my To Be Read list thanks to the library books sales and books that I am reviewing.  I also have many books on my Kindle waiting to be read.  Currently I'm reading Alice at Heart by Deborah Smith and reading and reviewing The Jesus Inquest by Charles Foster.  I'm also going to begin reading through the Bible in 90 Days again in January.

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