Quaker Summer- Lisa Samson

Leah Courtney
I discovered Lisa Samson last year and read several of her novels.  I like her writing style and real, easy to relate to characters.  I picked up Quaker Summer from Book Mooch recently.

Heather Curridge is the wife a wealthy surgeon.  She has a house up on the hill.  Her husband is dashing and intelligent and still in love with her.  Her fifteen year old son is developing into a fine Christian young man and attending an exclusive private Christian school.  The family takes vacations each year to wonderful places.  Heather has a full life, but something is missing.  When she finds herself at a downtown halfway house and then staying in a house with some Quaker sisters, all "by accident", she realizes God is doing a work in her life.  God uses her interesting summer to draw her closer to Him and to help Heather develop a purpose in her life.

Once again, Lisa Samson drew me in with the character of Heather- such a real person with real questions about the meaning of life.  I love that Lisa Samson is willing to challenge the common "Christian" thoughts on different subjects and that her characters have lives that are not always neat and tidy but are often messy, like real life.  I always walk away from her books thinking- about life, about God, and about serving other people.  Because that is really what Lisa Samson writes about.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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