Word Gets Around- Lisa Wingate

Leah Courtney
 Word Gets Around
I picked this one up at the bargain shelves of my local BooksaMillion when I went to use my birthday gift card.  I hadn't heard of the author Lisa Wingate or any of her other books. I have to say, I was disappointed with this one.

Lauren Eldridge left the small town of Daily, Texas years ago when she was involved in a tragedy that resulted in the death of her husband and another local man.  She never planned to return.  But her father pleads for her to come back to train a special horse for a movie.  Nate Heath is a screenwriter who is dragged along by his friend- Justin Shay- a famous actor- who is headed to Daily to write a screen play for Justin's new movie.  Lauren and Nate meet over the course of work on the movie, fall in love (of course), and resolve all of their personal issues in just a few chapters.

There were several problems for me.  First of all, the author chose to write in first person going back and forth between the character of Nate and the character of Lauren.  I really do not like this writing style UNLESS it is very well done.  This wasn't.  When an author goes back and forth between characters, the author has to have lots of skill in character development to keep the characters from seeming flat and to let you know what is happening to the other main character in the story when you are reading from the opposite character's viewpoint.  Unfortunately, Word Gets Around was really lacking in that character development.  When Lauren was talking, I had no idea what Nate was thinking.  When Nate was thinking, I had no idea what Lauren was doing.  The result was a very disjointed story.
The other problem I had with the book was that so much time was spent on each character facing his or her personal demons and so little time on the relationship developing that it was almost a surprise when a relationship did develop.  So little of the story had been used to talk about the two of them together and so much time had been spent on their own personal growth, that the relationship at the end of the book just didn't even fit.

So, I really didn't like this one and cannot recommend it as a good read.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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