Alice at Heart- Deborah Smith

Leah Courtney
 Alice at Heart (Waterlilies Series)

Sweet, fanciful, romantic: this was a different spin for Deborah Smith- a fantastical, romance novel about mermaids.

Alice Riley has always been different and an outcast.  Griffin Randolph has grieved the loss of his parents and feared the ocean because of their death for most of his life.  When the two come together, they discover the love and secrets of their very special family.

This novel was not much of a stretch for me to enjoy.  I've already become a Deborah Smith fan, enjoying many of her Southern heroines and settings last year in my reading.  And, I'm already a fantasy fan, and I don't have any trouble enjoying a novel with mythical heroes and heroines (as evidenced by my Twilight obsessions).  Alice at Heart combined the best of both worlds- fantastical, mythical creatures (who were of course Southern Belles) and a sweet, redeeming love story.  Beautiful!

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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