The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- Steig Larsson

Leah Courtney
I had heard so many things about this books and the two following.  I ordered the first two for my Kindle.  I have to admit it was very hard to get into, and I really started to doubt all the reports I had heard about how good these books were.  The original books were written in Swedish and translated to English.  There are many references to Swedish people and politics that obviously went over my head.  And the whole first part of the book jumped between what seemed to be two totally different people and scenarios.  It was sometimes hard to see how the two would merge. 

Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist- editor and part owner of a publication that reveals corruption in the corporate world.  He publishes information about a well-know businessman- Wernerstrom.  The information and sources appear to be accurate, and the report reveals very incriminating things.  But, Mikael's sources fall through and he accused of libel and found guilty.  Reeling from his conviction, he is contacted by the head of a large Swedish corporation to do a job on the side.  When he accepts the job, he has no idea of the web of intrigue he is going to be drawn into.

Meanwhile, we learn of Lisbeth Salander- an unlikely star investigator with a knack for gathering any and all kinds of information.  She  is an unusual and highly disturbed character to say the least.  For a while, we are unsure how her story and Blomkvists may relate.  But, she ends up becoming a vital key in his investigation.

The book was very dark and many parts were quite disturbing.  There was quite a bit of sexual violence toward women- one of the book's main themes.  Blomkvist is quite likable and makes a good reporter.  Salander is, again, a very unusual character.  She was difficult to like at first, but as we know more and more of her story, I became much more sympathetic to her.  Not much about her past is revealed; although we know something horrific happened to her.  I look forward to finding out more in the next books.

I'm sure I will continue on with the series, but this is the type of book that I really must "take a break" from.  It was rather draining to read.  I think I need a light, easy read before I pick back up with the series.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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