The Jesus Inquest- Charles Foster

Leah Courtney
The Jesus Inquest: The Case For and Against the Resurrection of the Christ

Last summer I was able to review a book by Charles Foster for Booksneeze, and I enjoyed his dry writing style and statements that made me think.  So, I was pleased to review The Jesus Inquest by Foster for BookSneeze.

The Jesus Inquest is an argument, a trial if you will, between barristers X and Y, discussing whether or not the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened.  X takes the non-Christian point of view.  No actual resurrection of Christ ever happened.  Y takes the Christian point of view.  The resurrection is essential to the Christian faith and it happened as the Gospel writers recorded.  X and Y go back and forth examining various parts of the story- the actual death of Christ, the burial, why the disciples thought Christ rose, later historical accounts of the resurrection.  Each chapter is presented in two parts- X's research and opinions and Y's rebuttal to each of those.  No actual judgment is rendered.  That is left to the reader.

I can't really say I enjoyed this book.  I did find some of the arguments against the resurrection interesting.  I knew, of course, that some people obviously don't believe in the resurrection, but I had not heard some of the historical, archeological reasons behind their belief.  I also found it interesting to read Y's rebuttals of each argument that Xx produced.  Some of it was, very admittedly, over my head.  Some of it was very ponderous reading as I tried to sort out the various arguments and make sense of the sources cited.

I think my overall conclusion was that it was all sort of a waste of time.  Perhaps, if you just like a good argument, the book would be an enjoyable read.  Or if you would like some concrete information to challenge unbelievers who don't believe in the resurrection, you may glean some good information.  But, I don't think the arguments of X and Y will change minds.  I think Christianity is accepted by faith.  All the arguments in the world will not the change the hearts of an unbeliever.  Only God does that.  X and Y both make good points throughout the book.  As a believer I walked away with my faith encouraged.  But, I could see and unbeliever read the same book and walk away scratching his head about how Christians could believe such nonsense.  Salvation comes through faith, and all the best arguments in the world won't produce that.

I received a free copy of this book from BookSneeze for review purposes.  I did not have to submit a favorable review.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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