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The Brotherhood (Precinct 11)

Boone Drake is a self-made man.  He's the perfect police officer on his way to the top.  He has a perfect wife and young son.  He teaches boys in his church.  He is out to bring justice to the gangs in Chicago where he is part of Precinct 11.  Boone really doesn't need God very much in this equation.  Really, when he thinks about it at all- after a conversation with his pastor- Boone decides that God hasn't had much to do with where he is now.  It has been all Boone.  He has made this good life for himself.  But, when tragedy strikes, Boone has to come to terms with God and his relationship with Him.  And, when Boone's family is gone and his career is threatened, where can Boone turn for help?

Although the book looked very exciting, and the plot summary on the cover seemed intriguing, I must say, the book was rather predictable.  Boone's extreme over confidence and "perfect" life set him up for a tragedy.  His reactions and slow coming to God seemed too scripted.  I was also bothered by the fact that much time passed- months and then years- with hardly any reference.  Boone is in one place in his life, and then all of a sudden, after only a brief mention of the passage of time, here we are over a year later.  That was a little difficult to follow.  I did enjoy Boone as a character.  And the other characters in the story were well-developed and interesting people.  The final conflict and resolution in the story were interesting and more unexpected than Boone's earlier tragedy, so I ended the book with much more interest and a desire to read more in the series.

Despite the predictability, I thought the book held some important lessons about God and about life.  I especially was struck toward the end of the book when Boone met the son of a notorious gangbanger.  Boone found himself resentful that this man had a healthy, happy son even though he was so morally bad; while Boone, who considered himself so good, had lost his own son to tragedy.  The point, which was not overly emphasized, hit home with me.  It is easy to feel like "the wicked" don't deserve happiness, but we are not the determiners of that.  Only God is sovereign and perfect in His plans.

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of The Brotherhood, is best known for co-authoring the Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye.  He has written more than 150 books- fiction and non-fiction.  You can find out more about this author and his books and The Brotherhood at

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