Voyager- Diana Gabaldon

Leah Courtney
Voyager (Outlander)

Ahh, after reading until past midnight on Saturday night and until almost midnight last night, I have finished book three of the Outlander series.  As I posted earlier, this 1762 page mega book was the reason I did not finish a book to post for the challenge last week.

In Voyager, our heroine, Claire, having learned that her beloved Jamie is still alive in 18th century Scotland, prepares to journey back through the standing stones to rejoin him if she can.  We learn more about what has happened to Jamie throughout the twenty years they have been apart, and we learn a little more about their daughter, Brianna.

I absolutely loved this book as I have the previous two.  Based on my reading, I believe that these three were originally planned to complete the series, but now there are seven books in the series with more planned.  I think this was my second favorite of the series, book one being my favorite.  I cannot cease to be amazed at Gabaldon's rich characters and the depth of the story.  Jamie and Claire are such compelling characters.  Their relationship is precious and deep- even after twenty years apart.  At no point did I find myself thinking this super long book was too long.  Instead, I was still reluctant to come to the end.

As with the previous two books, I will offer the disclaimer that the book contains some "adult content", so read with discretion.  I'll be taking a break before I continue on with book four because I have several books to read and review.

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