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Leah Courtney
Water for Elephants

I don't live under a rock (most of the time), so I had heard of the very popular current movie- Water for Elephants- starring none other than Edward (I mean Rob Pattinson).  I didn't know that the movie came from a book- until I began seeing said book cropping up in all my favorite book stores and on my Kindle advertisement screen.  And I really didn't know the book/movie was about a Depression era circus.  When I learned this pertinent information, I had not much desire to read the book because, frankly, a circus?  But, I succumbed to peer pressure and the 500th query of, "Have you seen Water for Elephants?", and I read the book.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected, so suppose I could give this novel a "meets expectations" rating.  The amount of bad language was quite disturbing as was the fact that I found myself cheering for the main characters in their adulterous affair.  (Sorry if that is a spoiler.)  Morals aside, I didn't like the way the book jumped from Jacob, our main character, in his 90s in a nursing home, to Jacob in his 20s in the circus.  And the book was quite depressing.  I suppose I should have expected that, being set in the Depression era.  In a circus.  I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. (Sorry if that's another spoiler, but I won't detail what happens: just say that the ending was one of the best parts of the book- and not just because it was over.)

On a positive note, I did keep picturing Edward (I mean Rob) as Jacob.  (A little confusing eh, Twifans?)  And I also enjoy Reese Witherspoon as an actress.  (She stars as Marlena, our heroine.)  And, I've heard the movie has much less bad language.  So, maybe I'll still decide to see it when it comes out on DVD.

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