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Leah Courtney
As if I couldn't find enough to read between free Kindle reads and library book sales, I also review books for several sites now.  And, I've just added another.  Here's the rundown on the sites I review for with a brief description of each- in case you're looking to add to your To Be Read list.

BookSneeze- This was my first review site and is still one of my favorite.  Thomas Nelson is one of my favorite publishers.  Books can be requested in ebook or print format.  (Some are only available in one or the other.) Fiction and nonfiction books are available and sometimes other media as well. Only one book at time can be requested, and you cannot request another until you post your review. As an exception, sometimes BookSneeze will offer a special opportunity to review a book on a specified date, and this special request will not count as your current book.

Tyndale- Tyndale is well-known publisher.  I've been able to review a few good kids reads through Tyndale and some adult reads also.  Tyndale offers fiction and non-fiction.  Like BookSneeze you cannot request another book until you post a review.  My main dislike of Tyndale is that often there are no new books to request.  Tyndale also will occasionally offer additional books through the a special program that allows reviewers to read an extra book, post a review, and have a certificate for another copy of the book to give away. Tyndale is also offering a special program specifically for ebooks now through Net Galley (see Net Galley below).

Waterbrook (Blogging for Books)- Waterbrook's Blogging for Books program has been one of my least favorite so far.  I like the selection of books- fiction, non-fiction, and occasionally kids; but I do not like Blogging For Books' contests for ratings.  In order to increase your book choices and to compete for prizes, you can ask people to "rate" your review.  Those with the highest ratings win monthly prizes and get a bigger selection of books.  I don't like this because I don't like asking for ratings.  I also think it turns things into a popularity game, and people are more likely to publish a dishonest review just to get good ratings.  I've read lots of Facebook talk that indicates this contest thing may cease, so we shall see.

Creation Conversations- I've requested three books from them so far and reviewed one.  There is not a listed number of books that can be requested (that I have noticed).  This is affiliated with New Leaf Publishing Group, and I must admit I joined because there were several Answers in Genesis books I wanted to review. Books can be ebooks or print and there seem to be several genres available but not a large selection at a time.

Amazon Vine- Because I was posting so many  reviews on Amazon- most of these sites require readers to post reviews on blogs and a consumer site- I was invited to join the Amazon Vine review program.  I chose two books right off the bat and promptly hated the first.  I then requested another product- Amazon Vine is not only for books- and never received it.  So, I am not duly impressed.  I suppose I could have followed up on the missing product, but to be honest, I was too busy and really didn't care.  Amazon Vine will allow you to have multiple products at a time, provided you are submitting reviews for some percentage.  (I can't remember the exact percentage now.)

NetGalley- This is my newest review site.  I actually just signed up today, so I don't have a  good opinion yet.  Tyndale offers their ebook reviews through NetGalley which is why I signed up.  Now I can request other books also.  All of these books are ebooks that can be read on your computer or sent directly to Kindle.  I didn't see support for any other ereader, but there may have been. In NetGalley, you request a book (or galley) directly from the publisher who will either accept or refuse.  I do not think there is a limit to how many can be requested at a time.

And now, if only a website could offer me more hours in a day in which to read all these books, life would be grand. In the meantime, I'll be happily reading and reviewing and rarely ever paying money for a book again!

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