Delivery- Diana Prusik

Leah Courtney

Delivery is the tale of a middle-aged woman working in her family's flower shop, struggling to make sense of her life, and struggling not to become an alcoholic. Livi has had some hard times in her life as a young person and now as an adult.  Her life has been shaped by the death of brother, killed in Vietnam.  She is pretty sure that if there is a God, He has forgotten her family.  But, as Livi experiences one struggle after another, she learns from a close friend that God is closer than she ever thought.

I have some mixed reviews of this book.  On one hand, I thought the story was interesting.  The characters were likeable.  There was great potential for this to be a really good read.  On the other hand, the story took place through flashbacks- one of my particular pet peeves.  Huge gaps of time would pass between chapters (like years) with no reference to what happened in that time. And there were some key elements of the story that I felt were never developed at all.

So, I guess my overall opinion is mostly positive.  I definitely think the story was worth reading.  I'm not sure I would pick up another read by the same author.  (I believe this was her debut novel.)  But, then again I might.  I'm sure it is much easier for me to be a critic than an author. :-)

I received a free copy of this as an ebook for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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