The Fallback Plan- Leigh Stein

Leah Courtney
Disclaimer:  This book is not a Christian read.  There are some drug and sexual references (although no description) and some crude words.  That said....

I really really liked this story!  The Fallback Plan is a coming of age story.  It's a story about an awakening.  It's a story about new beginnings.  There is depth.  There is humor.  There is tragedy.  There is love.

Esther Kohler is back at home after graduating from college.  After an emotional collapse her senior year, she is living back at home with her parents facing the rest of her life and wanting to avoid facing it as much as possible.  When contracting a fatal disease doesn't seem to be a possibility, she finds herself as a nanny to a four year old.  Through the relationship she questions where she is and where she came from and ultimately makes some discoveries about who she is and where she is going.

Esther is a great heroine.  Her story, told from a first person point of view, is humorous and sobering by turns.  It's hard to read for long and not be sympathetic to her plight, although the mother in me longed for her to wake up to reality.  The cast of characters, ranging from Esther and her unusual friends to the grieving mother she begins to work for to Esther's loving but sometimes oblivious parents, is full and appealing. This is definitely one I would recommend as a good read!

I received a free advanced copy of this book for review purposes from NetGalley.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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