Mercy Come Morning- Lisa Tawn Bergren

Leah Courtney

Krista has never had a good relationship with her mother and she isn't sure why. For the last several years, her mother has been in an Alzheimer's care center in a slow decline.  When Krista gets word that the end is near for her mother, she travels back home to visit her and try to make peace with their strained relationship.  In her search, she learns things about her mother and herself and deals with a recurring relationship with Dane, her high school sweetheart and the director of the care facility.

My feelings about this book vacillated throughout the reading.  First of all, the book was previously released as Christmas Every Day.  Although there is certainly more to the story than the Christmas theme, it is truly a Christmas story with the Christmas theme prominent throughout.  Just as a personal preference, I read holiday books near the holidays.  To read a Christmas story in August is just somehow wrong for me.  Call me crazy.  Of course, perhaps the reason the book was renamed was to appeal to people like me who wouldn't have picked it up in August.

I really liked Krista and Dane throughout much of the story.  There were times that I felt Krista was a little whiny, but overall, she made a very appealing heroine.  Dane was a good character also, but I would have liked to know more about what he was thinking/feeling.  The story was written from a third person point of view, but was almost exclusively focused on Krista's thoughts and perceptions.

Krista's personal journey to forgive her mother and to learn more about the things that had affected their relationship was inspiring.  As Krista explored her relationship with God and with her mother, I was inspired and encouraged. 

All things considered, I would recommend this as a good read.  It was short and pretty simple, not exactly a light read because of the subject matter, but enjoyable and inspiring.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook/Multanomah.  All opinions expressed are always my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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