Weekly Geeks- Back to School Edition

Leah Courtney
Hmm, I've decided to try my hand at participating in Weekly Geeks.  I'm not sure I can keep up with checking every week to see what the week's challenge is, but it sounds like fun.

This week's edition is to answer some questions about school and reading memories in honor of back to school.  (We've actually been doing school around here all summer, but we did take most of July off and started back this week. :-) )

So, this week's questions and my answers:
  • What's your favorite bookish school memory? In middle school/high school, I discovered Jane Eyre.  Because my English teacher was one of my favorites and because she had the book on the shelf in her room where we could "check it out," I read Jane Eyre many times during my high school years.  I loved the book for itself, but I also loved it because of my favorite teacher.  I still think of her when I read Jane Eyre.
  • Did your teacher read aloud to you? Do you remember what book it was?  I had several teachers who read aloud during my school years, and they were always my favorites.  I especially remember my third grade teacher reading Little Britches.  I loved it then and still love it now.  I read it aloud to my kiddos this past year.
  • Do you remember what books you checked out at the school library? Hmm, there were too many to remember.  I've already mentioned Jane Eyre.  I went to a small Christian school, so we didn't have a huge library.  I do remember that our library had several sets of Childcraft books, and I loved checking out and reading the story books.  I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.  I had to get most of those from the public library, but our small library had a few.
  • What was one of the first book reports you did for school?  I can't remember the first, but I do have a very memorable report.  In high school, I decided to read The Princess Bride for a book report because I loved the movie.If you've ever watched the movie and then read the book, you may know what I had yet to realize.  The book is waaaaay more detailed and muuuuch longer than the movie.  Even I, who have always loved reading and long books had a wee bit of trouble getting into it.  I finally did read it and really enjoyed it, but it is quite different than the movie version.
  • Do you have a favorite book or author that you first heard about from a teacher or school project?  Again, I have to mention Jane Eyre.  Also, when I was in junior high school, I did an author project on Emily Dickinson and really grew to love her poetry.
  • Do you have a not-so-pleasant bookish memory from your school days? I'm sure there were a few classics that I was required to read that I didn't find very interesting.  Silas Marner comes to mind pretty quickly.  But, other than that, I have very pleasant memories of reading during my school days.  It has always been my favorite pastime.
Well, there it is- my first week's entry.  I hope to check in each week and keep up.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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