Not By Might by Al Lacy

Leah Courtney

Rarely will I stop reading a book before the end.  Even if I really dislike it, I will stumble on in a determined effort to complete the story.  I suppose it is my obsessive compulsive self.  I would have made an exception to my rule for this book had I not been reading it for review purposes.

Syrupy sweet, condescendingly preachy, totally unbelievable: this read was almost too much to bear.

Set in the Old West, this was a Christian Western, romance, suspense (sort of) rolled into one.  Breanna Brockman and her husband, John, the US Marshall, are the main characters in this series.  (I gathered that there were additional books from the Prologue.)  In this episode, John's death is plotted by a gang of outlaws while his wife Breanna, a nurse, meets a new nurse in the hospital who is still grieving the loss of her true love.  When Breanna travels to a distant small town to assist a rural doctor, she befriends and witnesses to a miner and his wife.  All of these threads begin to intersect as the story reaches its climax.

The characters in the story were so unbelievably sweety sweet, it was hard to read.  They constantly preached at everyone they met.  Everything always worked out for the Christians in the story as soon as they prayed.  I love stories of hope as much as the next reader, and I really don't like stories that are too realistic and depressing.  But, neither do I enjoy a story that is so incredibly far fetched.  The only positive thing I can think of, is to say that if you are a big Western fan, you may enjoy the whole Old West scene enough to make this story worthwhile.  Maybe.  But, since I'm not, there wasn't really a redeeming feature here for me.  Sorry.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are always entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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