This Fine Life: A Novel- Eva Marie Everson

Leah Courtney

Mariette comes home from boarding school not sure what she wants for her life.  Her father wants her to go to college to get a degree and help him in his business, unusual for a woman in the 1950s.  Her mother wants her to take the traditional route and marry into money.  When Mariette falls in love with her father's mail room employee, neither of her parents is happy.  But, it will be a long time and a long journey before Mariette finds herself in the fine life she dreams of.

I must admit that I had an issue with this book from the beginning.  SPOILER ALERT  The book begins with an unusual prologue which made me spend the rest of the book waiting for some tragedy to occur.  Although there is drama at the end, there is no deep, dark tragedy like I expected.  Because of the foreboding prologue, I spent so much time worrying about what was going to happen that I couldn't properly enjoy the book.  There was a very good story line and interesting characters.  If I hadn't spent so much time worrying, I would have enjoyed the story.

I would give it a solid four stars- although it may have earned five if not for the creepy start.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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