Big Book of History- Laura Welch, Ken Ham, and Bodie Hodge

Leah Courtney

I was VERY excited about my new review book from Master's Books.  It is a timeline book, and I loooove timelines!  And what could be better than a timeline but a giant fold out timeline!

The description of this book was reminiscent of my Adam's Synchronological Chart or Map of History which is a lovely giant fold out timeline that has detailed history lines from creation through the early 1900s.  I was excited because the Big Book of History is supposed to go much further up through modern times.  But, I was a little hesitant also because I've loved my Adams chart so much, and I wasn't sure anything would measure up.

I was very pleased.  The book is slightly smaller than my Adams chart which actually makes it easier to handle.  This one, though larger than a regular book, can still be held like a book; and the pages can be turned as well as folded out.  The Big Book of History lacks some of the detail of my Adams chart, but this lack is easily made up for in the features it does have.  Color coded lines of history, main inventions of the times, colorful fun facts scattered throughout, a solid Biblical view of six literal days of creation, various charts and lists throughout, and history all the way up through the election of President Obama in 2010 were all there. 

My kids have already enjoyed looking at the Big Book of History, and I'm going to enjoy using it in conjunction with my Adams chart for teaching.  This one was definitely a good choice!

I received a free copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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