For Time and Eternity- Allison Pittman

Leah Courtney
For Time and Eternity is a story set in the 1800s of Camilla, a young girl who joins up with a group of Mormon's headed to establish Salt Lake City when she meets her true love- Nathan.  Through the years of their early marriage, especially after the death of their infant son and Nathan's decision to take another wife- Camilla comes to realize that the faith she abandoned everything for is false and the faith of her childhood was true.

This was a very interesting book for me to read as I have recently been watching a TLC series- Sister Wives -about a modern day Mormon polygamist family.  The main difference between Camilla's fictional situation and the real life situation of these women is that Camilla did not know the faith when she was baptized into it and married Nathan.  The women in the real life show were already in the Mormon faith and fully understand that this would be the situation.  Overall, it was an interesting story.  There were parts that were pretty slow, and I thought several times that I would be glad to see the end.  But, the end was a HUGE cliff hanger, not really an ending at all.  So, I'm not sure if I will find it worth while to find the other books in the series or not.  Even though I'd like to know what happens, I'm not sure I enjoyed this one enough to read more.

How's that for an undecided review?  I'll give this one a wishy washy three and a half stars.  It is PG rated- only for the fact that it does talk about plural marriage and the intimacy in marriage is implied, though never spelled out.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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