The New Kindle Fire

Leah Courtney
After much reading of all reviews and much pondering and much deliberation, I bought a Kindle Fire this weekend with my birthday money.  Even in the store, as I stood waiting for the employee to see if they had any of these left in the back, I was undecided.

After a few days with my new toy, I must say I absolutely LOVE it.  But, I still don't think it is exactly what I expected.

So, here's the scoop:  I would NOT replace my regular Kindle with this.  I would replace my ipod with this any day.  And, at $199, it beats the pants off of an ipad price.

What I love:
*  It is so pretty.  The color is wonderful.  The graphics are great.  I watched YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon streaming video on it, and I love the video quality.
*  Amazon's music platform is sooo much better than itunes.  After repeated problems, I have quickly become an itunes hater.  And as much as I've enjoyed my ipod, that's one thing I won't miss.  Most of my current music converted without problems.  I'm not a serious music connoisseur, so if you had hundreds of dollars worth of itunes music, you might have some troubles.  Most of my music has been ripped into my computer from CD, so it wasn't a big deal if I couldn't convert it.
*  I love the display.  With categories for books, documents, and apps all displayed on "shelves" on the screen, I found the display easy to manage.  Recent things I've opened are added to a carousel that is prominent on the display.  And favorites can be added to a favorites tray for easy access.

What's not so great for me:
*  It is hard for me to read for long with a backlit screen.  That's why I love my old Kindle.  I read.  Lots.  If you only read once in a while, this might be just fine for you.  But hours looking at the glare of a backlit screen gives me a headache.  I need the e-ink technology of the original Kindle that make it look like a print book.
*  I can't categorize my books.  This is yet another reason to keep my regular Kindle.  I have over 250 books waiting to be read.  I don't want to scroll through all of them to pick the book I want.  I want to be able to choose from a category.
*  There don't seem to be as many apps to choose from in the Android platform.  This may be changing?  I'm not a tech person and have only used an ipod up to this point, so I can't be sure.  But, I did notice that I couldn't find a few of my favorite ipod apps for the Kindle Fire.

What I've heard:
*  If you have lots of your own movies on your computer, they can't be watched on your Kindle.  I haven't tried this because I don't have any movies.  I don't mind watching them from Netflix or from Amazon streaming (which I get free as a Prime member).  I don't need movies stored on my device.

For me this was the perfect device.  I've wanted a tablet for a while now but really couldn't afford an ipad for something that would really be mostly used as a toy for me.  The Kindle Fire is obviously an Amazon product that works well with other Amazon products- MP3s, streaming video, ordering from the Amazon site.  But, I'm good with that.  I've never had problems with Amazon and have been more than happy with their products and services. For me the Kindle Fire is a great fit!

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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