52 Books in 52 Weeks Wrap Up

Leah Courtney

As the year draws to a close, I'm going to wrap up the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge with a question and answer.

  1. Did you reach the goal of 52 books or did you manage to beat your own personal best?   I actually finished up with 111 books this year.  I'm not sure that beats a personal best.
  2. What book are you ending the year with? This week I read Blame it on the Mistletoe by Joyce Magnin.
  3. Did you discover a new author or genre?  Did you love them or hate them? I discovered the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon.  I absolutely loved them.  I'll caution again for discerning readers:  they have some language and "adult" situations.  But, they are a superb Scottish, historical fiction series!
  4. Did you challenge yourself to read more non fiction if prefer fiction or more fiction if you prefer non fiction? I always challenge myself to read more nonfiction and classics.  But, I'd say over two thirds of my list was still fiction and perhaps mostly twaddle.
  5. Did you read from a list or wing it? Much of what I read this year were free Kindle books, so I didn't really have a list that I was going by.
  6. How many classics did you read?  What did you think of the writing style or author? I am somewhat ashamed to confess that I didn't read anything at all this year that could really be called a classic.
  7. Name one book that you thought you'd never read and was pleasantly surprised you like it.  Well, I'm not sure there was anything I didn't think I'd read that I read, but with the free Kindle books, I am constantly reading things that are new and different- outside of the typical kind of book that I'd choose.  That's how I found the Outlander books, actually.
  8. What are your top ten favorite books?  Alice at Heart (Deborah Smith), The Outlander (Diana Gabaldon), In Constant Prayer (Robert Benson), Indelible (Kristen Heitzmann),The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow (Joyce Magnin), Forbidden (Dekker and Lee), Kiss of Adventure (Catherine Palmer), Dead Reckoning (Ronie Kendig), A Texan's Promise (Shelley Gray), The Preacher's Bride (Jody Hedlund)
  9. What are your ten least favorite books? The Final Summit (Andy Andrews), Strings Attached (Judy Blundell), Pieces of Light (Julie Cave), The Light Horseman's Daughter (David Crookes), In This Hospitable Land (Lynmar Brock, Jr.), The Bone House (Stephen Lawhead), The Girl in the Lighthouse (Sanford), The Oak Leaves (Mareen Lang), For Time and Eternity (Allison Pittman), Babylon's Falling (Collins)
  10. Did you start any books that you just simply couldn't finish?  Yes, I can't recall the names; however because I don't record those on my reading list.  I never would stop reading a book until recently.  With all of these free Kindle books, I begin some that I just can't keep reading.
  11. What did you think of the mini challenges and did you join in or complete any? I didn't do any of the mini challenges.
  12. Did your family join in on the fun?   My oldest daughter read at least as many books as I did over the year, but I don't think she kept a running total.
  13. How many books have you added to your wishlist since the beginning of the year? I currently have about 175 books on my Kindle and about 30 books on my TBR shelf.  At this rate, considering I constantly add new books through Kindle free reads and through books I'm reviewing, I'll die before I ever run out of reading material. :-)
  14. What was your favorite thing about the challenge?  Checking to see what others read- as if I need anymore books to add to my TBR list.
I'm looking forward to the new year's challenge and hopefully completing some of the mini challenges.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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