All For One by Rhyne Douglas Pearson

Leah Courtney
All For One is a murder mystery but a strange and disturbing one.  When a fifth grade student is murdered, a group of his classmates are suspect.  A detective famed for his ability to catch a child murdered is brought in to the case.  Dooley Ashe attempts to ingratiate himself into the lives of the classmates and their teacher to solve the murder.  The guilty will be someone very unexpected.

The story line was very interesting and definitely unexpected.  But, the book was very dark.  The relationships among the children reminded me of a Lord of the Flies sort of tale.  Dooley was a dark and troubled character who was much an enigma and difficult to really appreciate as the story's "hero."  Midway through the book, I had a suspicion of who the killer was, but I really didn't want to be right. The fact that I was right in my assumption made me like this very dark read even less.

I'd have to give it four stars because it was certainly well-written and spell-binding.  But, the very dark and creepy style makes it one I wouldn't recommend, and I cannot say I enjoyed.  This one is an R rated book on many levels- a smattering of bad language, dark and violent themes, and a passing reference to an intimate relationship.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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