A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman

Leah Courtney
Once again, I'm very pleasantly surprised (and probably lured into buying) by a free Kindle read.  A Hope Undaunted is apparently in a series.  And, although I had no trouble reading and enjoying it as a stand alone, I long to hear the "back stories" of some of the now beloved characters.

Katie O'Conner is strong and determined. When she meets Luke, the pesky orphan who tormented her as a child is now all grown up.  And Katie finds herself irresistibly drawn to him.  But, so many things in her life seem to conspire to keep them apart.  As both learn to trust in God, they also learn that He has a plan to which they can trust their hopes and dreams.

There were many things I loved about this book; the feisty heroine, Katie; the charming and rugged hero, Luke; the sweet romance; the strong faith in God that seemed real and not preachy.  I was a little put off because the book seemed to drag at times.  I just wanted things to hurry up and work out, but I felt that sometimes the story line was lagging.  There were also a few moments where the characters seemed a little too good to believe. Their behavior made the story a little less than realistic.

The fact is; though, that the really good things in the book more than made up for the minor frustrations I had.  This one was a really good read that makes me want to look up the others in the series.  I give it a strong 4.5 stars.  And, I'd rate it a PG because of some of the adult situations.  It is a Christian romance and really doesn't have any objectionable content.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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