Nearly Beloved by Diana Mylek

Leah Courtney
Nearly Beloved was another re Kindle read I picked up.  A Christian fiction/romance, it follows the story of starving artist Erin and rich super surgeon of mercy, Michael.  Erin's gallery is danger of failing, and she is literally starving.  But when she befriends Ruth, an extremely wealthy widow, Ruth is determined to set her up with her son, Michael.

The story was sweet; although often predictable.  It reminded me of the Christian romances by Grace Livingston Hill that I read in high school.  The girls were always poor and pitiful, an the men were always wealthy and egotistical.  But, by the end of the of the story, the two worlds would mesh and ta da: a romance bloomed!

Despite the trite story line, I liked the characters and action enough to give it four stars, and I would look for another by the author.  With a few kisses thrown in and one semi-violent scene, I'd give it a PG.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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