On Free Kindle Books...

Leah Courtney
One of the greatest things about my Kindle has been discovering all of the great free Kindle books there are available.  I have stumbled upon some really good reads and found some favorite authors this way.

But, there are those free Kindle books that are such a waste of time.  I actually read through a few pages of one the other night and gave up.  There was a time that I would never give up on a book and stop reading before the end.  It's the OCD in me.  But this one was just beyond hope.  And, then I began To Love Anew- a Christian fiction with a story line involving English prisoners sent to Australia when it was first developing as a prison colony.

I had high hopes for this one- romance; Australian history, which I find interesting; and Victorian England, one of my favorite time periods.  But, this was an incredibly slow read.  It was also extremely predictable because less than halfway through, we had already discovered that if anything bad could happen to our hero and heroine, it would.  It was almost comical to see what the author could dream up next to have calamity befall these poor folks.  I persevered, hoping against hope that it would improve.  But, alas, it did not and ended up with a pitiful ending.

So, I've discovered that the free Kindle reads are really the luck of the draw.  And I've given myself permission to stop anyone without guilt.  Now, maybe I won't waste my time on mediocre reads.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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