Wildflowers of Terezin by Robert Elmer

Leah Courtney
Once again, I've stumbled upon a truly wonderful book as a free Kindle read.

I'm a great fan of Holocaust literature.  The whole time period in history is a very compelling one to me, and a very necessary one for us as Christians to consider, I believe.  I've often read some the well-known classics of the time- Anne Frank, Corrie Ten Boom, and Deitrich Bonhoeffer.  Wildflowers of Terezin is a fictional story of Jewish nurse, Hanne Abrahamson and Danish pastor, Steffen Peterson.  Though the events are fictionalized, some of the actual historical people of the time make their way into the novel, and the events and descriptions of the concentration camp of Terezin are based on actual facts and records of survivors, as the reader learns at the book's end.

The book was very touching.  The characters of Hanne and Steffen were compelling and worth getting to know.  The story was factual enough to remain true to the times, but there was a happy ending, not always the case in the Holocaust I know but an element that I enjoy in a novel.  There were a few times the story seemed stilted, but most of it flowed smoothly and was a wonderful read.  Steffen's lot as a Christian pastor in an occupied country was very thought-provoking.  I'm not sure how I would have chosen to react in the time, but it certainly does make one consider.

I give this one a strong 4.5 stars and a PG rating because of some of the description of violence.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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