Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

Leah Courtney

Libby is working in a job restoring historic buildings.  She loves her job but has always wished for the money to buy and restore one of these historic homes for herself.  Her partner calls from a job location of the coast of North Carolina.  She and Libby have been hired to restore an old lighthouse site. But, Nicole, her partner, has uncovered a secret about Libby's past.  As Libby watches on a web cam, Nicole is abducted by two strange men.  When Libby goes to the coast to find out what has happened to her friend, she meets Alec Rourke, fisherman and Coast Guard volunteer.  Libby has to face her past and look for her friend while fighting accusations against herself.  And, of course, she finds herself in a growing relationship with Alec.

I wanted to like this book.  The description was intriguing, and I've read several of Colleen Coble's books.  I love a good romantic suspense.  But, I didn't like this one.

I felt like the characters were not well developed at all.  I didn't get to know them.  They were just pretty flat. There were characters from another of Coleen Coble's series that I had read, so it was interesting to see them introduced as side characters.

The story was choppy.  There were times that I would read about a character doing or saying something that just didn't fit.  Libby came into this small coastal town not knowing anyone, but in her first few hours there, we read these conversations that seem to be between people who knew each other well.  The relationship between Libby and her siblings (that she just recently found) vacillates between hateful and guilty and tentatively friendly within just a few pages.

The romantic relationship that develops also felt choppy and forced.  One minute they seemed not to know each other, and the next minute, they seem practically engaged.

I think the key is that we never really get a glimpse into the minds of the characters.  Thus their behavior seems so choppy and forced.  It's usually not a surprise when a character acts in a certain way, if we have had some idea of that character's thoughts and feelings.  That's just lacking in this story.

So, I give it 3 stars.  It's a G rating, clean for anyone to read.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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