Romantic Suspense by T.L. Haddix

Leah Courtney
Free Kindle reads are a mixed bag.  On one hand, I have more books on my Kindle than a small library owns.  On the other hand, some of what I get as a free read is just junk.  Every once in a while I will be pleasantly surprised and actually stumble upon an author I really want to keep reading.

T.L. Haddix has been one those authors.  Three books by this romantic suspense author have been free lately.  I've read Under the Moon's Shadow, Hidden in the Shadows and now Shadows From the Grave.  All of these are in a series about the same small town and the same characters.  I also just notices that Secrets in the Shadows is also free.

Haddix's books have characters that are easy to like and get to know, suspense, and a romantic relationship in each edition.  There is usually some reference to intimacy so reader beware; but there is nothing graphic here.  The focus tends to be more on conquering one's past and inner demons and building new relationships.  That, along with some decent suspense, has made these some of the better free Kindle reads I've picked up.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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