Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann (A Great Reread)

Leah Courtney
I love, love, love any read Kristen Heitzmann.  Recently, Secrets, the first book in one of her most recent series, was a free Kindle read.  I snatched it up because, even though I've read it, I didn't own it.  So, after reading The Lovely Bones (and the darkness that came with it), I needed something good to read and something uplifting.  So I turned to this one that I knew to be good.

Kristen Heitzmann's books aren't a light, easy read.  Her characters are deep.  They are honest and flawed people who struggle with their faith and their relationships.  But, she shares their struggles in their faith in a way that is inspiring and a good, interesting read.

In Secrets, Lance Michelli meets up with Rese Barrett when he stumbles into an old house in the Sonoma Valley that was owned by his ancestors.  Lance is on a quest for his grandmother back in New York.  Incapacitated by a stroke, she has sent him on a mission but can't make him understand just what she needs. As Lance struggles to do what Nonna Antonia needs, he also struggles to find God's will.  And he meets Rese and develops feelings for her that cause him to be intent on meeting her needs also.  The story is his struggle to do all of these with honesty and integrity.

This is my second favorite Heitzmann series.  (Interestingly, my favorite series is the one about Lance's ancestors- historical fiction.)  I read it slowly because I savored it, and I really want the second one again now.  Unfortunately I don't own it, but I do have book 3.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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