First Book of 2013- The Rebel's Pledge by Rita Gerlach

Leah Courtney
So, I've committed to read more nonfiction, more classics, more meaningful books this year.  So, my first book for 2013 is...

A twaddly, historical, romance:

A Rebel's Pledge by Rita Gerlach was your typical sweet, sometimes sappy historical romance.  Set in the 1600s in England and the early Americas, the historical context was interesting.

The story followed Matthew Hale- imprisoned and then sentenced to indentured servitude in America, Matthew finds a new relationship with God and a new life.  When he pledges to bring his master's daughter back from England safely, he finds himself in a lifelong commitment.

It's occasionally trite, predictable and sappy sweet; but it has a happy ending (sorry if that is a spoiler) and a good message of redemption and forgiveness.

It made for a pretty good, easy free Kindle read to kick off my reading year.

You can keep up with my reading for the year here.

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