Angelguard by Ian Acheson

Leah Courtney

Angleguard is a novel about the unseen warfare of demons and angels in the affairs of men. It was very reminiscent of Peretti's This Present Darkness books for me.

Three violent attacks all over the world have put the world powers on high alert. When survivors from all three attacks are brought together, they come to find out that it is not be accident. And they, along with their angel protectors, are used to uncover the evil that is going on.

My husband, who is very sensitive to the spiritual world around us was disturbed by the cover of this book. The story itself did delve deeply into the topic of spiritual warfare. The role of angels and demons in the lives of human individuals was a large part of this book. This topic can be disturbing to some readers. I actually liked the focus of the book.

The main characters of the story were interesting. I enjoyed hearing their stories and reading along as their angelguard guided them through the evil around them. Human and supernatural characters played varying roles in the story. I did wish for more depth to the characters. I didn't feel as if they were very developed.

The story itself was interesting, and I wanted to know what happened. But, there didn't seem to be much emotion in the characters. I always think it is interesting when reading a book to consider whether the author is male or female and what the author's nationality is. I've noticed that it often makes a big difference in the tone of the book- emotional or logical, passionate or more dry. I prefer to feel a little more emotion in the characters.

This seems as if it will be the first in a series. Although there is a resolution, there is "cliffhanger" of sorts that certainly could lead into the next book. I wouldn't mind picking up the next to follow the story.

I give this a 3.5 stars and a PG-13 for content because of the spiritual warfare component.

I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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