A Weed in the Church by Scott T. Brown

Leah Courtney

As a mom of teenagers, I've watched the video Divided several times and pondered age-segregated youth ministry quite a bit.  This book is referenced several times in the movie, and the author, Scott Brown, is interviewed.

In this book Scott systematically outlines the beginnings of the modern youth ministry movement. He defines terms related to youth ministry. And then he outlines what he sees as the only Biblical methods of youth discipleship.

The book is very thought-provoking. Scott is very effective in laying out his arguments. He gives lots of historical information at the beginning. He very specifically defines terms. He gives many Scripture references.

Although I follow Scott's reasoning to a point, and I definitely think father's have reneged on their discipling responsibilities; I'm not sure I buy into everything he is saying. There are some points he makes that I'm not sold on yet.

Even though I'm not totally in agreement, I think the book is very well done. It is very well written and very thought provoking. I will definitely continue to pray and read and consider.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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