Speeding Down the Spiral- a Book to Teach Kids About Art

Leah Courtney
Speeding Down the Spiral by Deborah Goodman Davis is a cute tale of a young girl's visit to the art museum with her father and baby brother.

When Lizzie's father suggests the art museum as an outing, Lizzie doesn't think it looks very fun. She is a little intrigued by the spiral shape of the museum, but when they reach the top and start down, Lizzie thinks the pace is very slow. Lizzie's father turns away to read an email, and she decides to speed up the pace by pushing her little brother's stroller ahead. But, the stroller gets away from her and begins speeding down the spiral. As it flies down, Lizzie gets a whirlwind look at some well-known pieces of art. And she is joined by other tourists and teachers and guides as she tries to catch up with the run-away stroller.

This was a very cute and fun look at some well-known works of art. The illustrations are great, and the art illustrations are well-done.

There isn't a whole lot of detail about each work but enough for young kids to get a look at some of these pieces. And, in the back, there is more information about each piece and it's creator.

I also liked that different styles of art work and different types of art were included. Many young children would view a painting as art but wouldn't think of some sculptures as art. Some of the pieces in Speeding Down the Spiral will probably surprise children.

This is a really good one to pick up for sharing with your young kids.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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