Heart of the Country: Christian Fiction and a DVD

Leah Courtney
When I had the opportunity to review Heart of the Country, I was given the opportunity to review not only a Christian fiction novel but also a DVD of the same story.

The story is about Faith. Never fully recovered from the death of her mother when she was young, Faith longs to pursue a career in music and leaves her small country home in North Carolina as soon as she can. She heads to New York city and marries Luke Carroway, son of a multimillionaire. Luke is also looking to make a break with his roots, breaking ties with the family business and striking out on his own with a different company. He wants to make a name for himself independent of his father and older brother. When Luke is arrested because of illegal activities within his company, Faith leaves and heads back to North Carolina. There she is faced with restoring the relationship with her father and sister. And a broken relationship with her husband miles and miles away.

I almost made a bad mistake with this book. I decided to watch the video first. I know that, most of the time, a movie is never as good as the book. If I understand correctly, the book was written based off of the screenplay.

I didn't like the movie. It had a slow start. The story was told with lots of flashbacks to try to fill the viewer in about the background information. These flashbacks caused me to be pretty confused. The further into the story I watched, the less I liked it. Events just seemed to be disjointed. There wasn't a good flow.

Watching the movie made me pretty concerned about whether or not I would like the book. And, I must admit, I was a little jaded when I began reading. I was pleasantly surprised. The book was much better than the movie (as is usually the case). The book had more space and time to really develop the story. Events were told in first person with a changing perspective focusing mostly on the characters of Faith and Luke, but occasionally including the perspectives of their family and friends. Reading the story this was made much more sense and drew me in and made me sympathetic to the characters. The story was sweet and touching. Occasionally I was convicted a little about the importance of our family relationships and how they fit into, not only our pasts, but also our present lives.

You can watch the trailer for the Heart of the Country movie below. And for more information about the movie visit the movie's website here.

I give the book 4 stars and a G rating for content.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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