Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog by Ronie Kendig

Leah Courtney
Beowulf is the story of Timbrel and her explosives detection dog, Beowulf. It's Book 3 in the series (which may have been helpful to know before I began reading).  In this edition Timbrel and Tony "Candyman" are part of a team searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction with Beowulf. Beowulf makes a false "hit" but all of the team are pretty sure that something bad is going on. Throughout the whole story, Tony attempts to win over Timbrel and help her face her past demons.

I tried hard to like this one. I just couldn't. The fact that the book occasionally referred to information that must have been from previous books didn't help. I also really don't like lots of "back and forth" between the main characters, this constant- "I like you. I don't like you." Beowulf has quite a bit of this. It was a little hard to keep reading. There was also quite a bit of going back and forth from the relationship between Tony and Timbrel to the development of the antagonist character stretching back over years. It made the whole story line a little confusing.

It's a Christian fiction read, but there really isn't anything "Christian" about it until almost midway through the book. Then Timbrel and Tony have some places where they discuss their faith and trusting in God. But there definitely isn't anything preachy.

All in all, there were some sweet love story parts and some interesting suspense; but there were enough of the other problems to make it a not so great read.

I give this one three stars and a PG for content.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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