Review of 99 Stories From the Bible: A Bible Storybook for Kids

Leah Courtney
99 Stories From the Bible is a cute and charming story Bible for preschoolers. The stories begin with the creation of the world in Genesis and continue on through the Old and New Testaments until the ascension of Christ.
I'm not always a fan of story Bibles. Occasionally the stories are not Biblically accurate. And I have concern about the Bible- which is true- being confused for a story- which is not true- in the minds of young children.

I really did like 99 Stories From the Bible, however. The stories are presented at a preschoolers level. The illustrations are cute and appealing to young children. stories are short and easy to read to a preschooler who doesn't have a very long attention span. Each story has its own set of pages so that children can easily study the picture for the story as you read aloud.

The only thing I wish had been present in this book are Bible references for each story. I would like to have seen the references from where in the Bible that particular story came. That way parents could look up the story and always check for Biblical accuracy or read the actual passage for themselves or older children.

I plan on using this with different preschool classes that I teach in our church programs. I know the children will love the colorful pictures and simple stories. You can read more about this book on the Kregel website here.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

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