Review of Highway to Hell by Matt Roper: A Difficult But Necessary Read

Leah Courtney
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Highway to HellHighway to Hell is a true story account of the child prostitution and sex trade along one of Brazil's largest highways- the BR 116. It was a book that was difficult to read, but the story is one critical to tell.

Matt Roper is a journalist from England and Dean Brody is a country singer from Canada. The two set out to learn about the problem of child prostitution along the notorious BR 116 through Brazil, but as the men heard story after horrific story, they realized that this story must be told and that they must do something to help. Highway to Hell is an account of the journey they took, the stories they heard, and the way they began to help.

Written in a documentary style, the book is easy to read as far as writing style, but it is very thought-provoking and, at times, heart wrenching. Matt shares story after story of the young girls they met along their journey. He reports and doesn't embellish, but these stories don't need embellishment. They are difficult enough to read as it is. He doesn't leave readers with hopelessness however. When he writes about the organization that he and Dean and their families began, we know that there is a hope for the girls he writes about. And we know that we can help, can be a part of the hope that they have.

The book is a difficult one because of the subject matter, but it is a necessary one. I know that I am often very uninformed about evil in the world around me. And sometimes I'd much rather be uninformed. But it's necessary to know. And it's necessary to know what I can do.

(The organization that Matt and Dean founded is called Meninadanca. The website that tells about the organization can be found here. )

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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