Review of Dog Gone Back Soon by Nick Trout

Leah Courtney
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The title of this book caught my eye along with the fact that it was a book about a veterinary practice in a small town. I wasn't disappointed by the read.

Dr. Cyrus Mills was a veterinary pathologist. Although he much enjoyed his research and enjoyed solving the puzzles of a difficult diagnosis, he's never wanted to have much contact with real, live people. But when his father, a small town vet, passes away, Cyrus feels compelled to go and help his aging partner and try to save the financially failing business-Bedside Manor. Dog Gone Back Soon is actually the sequel to The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs and takes place in one very eventful week of Dr. Mills' life.

I really like Cyrus Mills. He's an interesting and likeable character. Although he's a recluse and a self-proclaimed unemotional man who doesn't like attachments, I found myself liking him because I could relate to him. I tend to be somewhat of a loner myself. Cyrus is drawn to Amy, another likeable character who was introduced in the first book as Cyrus is finding himself drawn to her.

I hadn't read The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs, but I didn't have too much trouble jumping in to this sequel. I did like this very much, so I'll probably go look up the first so I can know a little more of Cyrus' back story.

Just a disclaimer: This isn't Christian fiction (which is what I often review). I like many different genres and it didn't bother me that this has some references to some “not Christian” relationships and one or two bad words. But I like to let readers know since it's what I usually review.

I give this one a PG-13 for content and a strong 4 stars. I'll be looking for more from the author- especially the first in this series.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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